High school guys will greatly benefit from a more social program that includes individual counseling, group counseling, and outdoor group interaction. This program contains 3 individual sessions per month, 3 group sessions per month and one outdoor recreation activity per month on either Saturdays or Sundays.

Each client will work one on one with a therapist each week to connect and figure out personalized goals. Then in a safe, group-environment, (no larger than 9) clients will get a chance to share with others, learn skills, and build connections . Lastly, the outdoor group work will take place once a month with only their same group members to build friendships, have fun and get out of the house. 

In total, each client will be receiving over 10 hours of therapeutic guidance in the course of a month and have the chance to connect with other guys their age. The program runs the course of 3 months after which each client can continue on with individual therapy if they see fit.