Writing down homework and staying organized


For many parents of teens, August is a *wonderful* time that ends summer boredom and ushers in a new world. Parents on Facebook often post hilarious pictures of them drinking champagne at the bus stop or jumping for joy in front of their embarrassed children. 

For others, there is the worry that school will be an endless cycle of nagging, procrastination, near-failure, and fighting. I feel you. No one wants that. So here's my two part advice for basic organization: 

1.  Have a system for writing down homework/tests/projects. You and I BOTH have been trying to convince teenagers that if they don't write something down they will forget. 

And since they're attached to their phones anyway, why not use technology to our advantage? Here are 3 apps that are awesome and helpful for students to use to help stay organized. 

The Homework App

2. Work on homework immediately after getting home.

Once a student has a routine they can go back to every single day for every class I recommend they spend 60 to 90 minutes at home at the dining room table or some place that is NOT THEIR ROOM where they can work in public. I also recommend that homework gets done right away after getting home, otherwise the tasks or projects can feel daunting after dinner or late at night. 

If they WORK right away at home from say 4:30 to 6, then they will get rewarded with PLAY after. See what I did there? WORK first, then PLAY. That's the main lesson we're trying to sneak into their brains. 

Why do I recommend working at the dining room table? A) It lets Mom and Dad know that their child is actually working, which should lead to less nagging/worrying/accusations. B) It's much harder to fall asleep at the table than on a bed. Also, a person's sleep patterns are typically healthier when they only use their bed for sleeping and not for lounging or working.