Social Anxiety Group

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already cringing thinking about what it might mean to be in a group of people or even worse, talking to them about how you feel. I totally get it. I really do; I have personally struggled with social anxiety and can directly empathize with how it feels. 

During this 10 week group course the goal is help you understand social anxiety better and realize that you aren’t alone or quite as different than you might think. Members of the group will ALL feel the same struggles with making social connections, worrying about what they say, feeling inadequate or being exposed, and generally feeling fearful in social situations. 

The group is LESS about achieving goals or making yourself do something and MORE about learning how social anxiety works and understanding how to cope with it. 

Much of the structure of the group comes from an audiobook called “How to Be Yourself” by Dr. Ellen Hendriksen. You can purchase the audiobook or hardcopy, whatever you prefer. 

Members are not required to engage in individual counseling with me, but I do recommend it as I believe it would help.

Group members are expected to attend ALL the sessions. 

The cost for the 10 weeks of group therapy is $350 total. 5 sessions ($175) must be paid up front. 

Who: Young adults who experience social anxiety

Where: 5755 North Point Parkway. Suite 79.

When: Weekly

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